Bir Güneş Ailesi Kuruluşudur. 1928'den beri.


12 Apr

Minister Güllüce cut the ribbon, the phaeton went into service!

Minister Idris Güllüce, who came to Çanakkale in the framework of the election work, attended the mass inauguration ceremony organized by Yenice Municipality. Among the facilities displayed in the ceremony area were a phaeton and a fire truck. Since the fire truck was not yet sent to the town, the phaeton was brought along with the horse while it was not in the ceremony area. The horse, bound to the phaeton, adorned with balloons, waited in the rain. Minister Güllüce laid blankets over it, and then the top was taken to the covered area. Citizens showed great interest in the phaeton decorated with balloons. Particularly, women took a photo of a souvenir by riding the phaeton.

Minister Güllüce made a speech at the opening, referring to the military coup of 27 May 1960. Idris Güllüce, said: “Turkey is prolonged when they say it is a country that should be pruned. Turkey lopped how many times she’s examine your memory. So today May 27. Turkey is a pruning operation that. Martyr Prime Minister of mercy, I am home with gratitude. Is Democracy murder him. Impact It is the murder of democracy, not the national will, it is insulting Mustafa Kemal Atatürk because when Mustafa Kemal Ataturk opened the Assembly he wrote the following: ‘Domination is unconditionally indispensable nation.’ E, what is happening? The people say, they are the ones who manage me.Is there something like this? May 27th is a very good concept for all the young people, and the elderly need to tell the youth about the May 27th.

After the speeches, the Minister Idris Güllüce and accompanying figures opened the collective opening of the Three Martyrs Fountain, Halil İbrahim Yaman Park, Waste Water Treatment Plant, Akpınar Drinking Water Line, Municipality Slaughterhouse, Fire Brigade Vehicle and Hacı İbrahim Bodur Boulevard, made.