Bir Güneş Ailesi Kuruluşudur. 1928'den beri.

Mission & Vision

Our mission

We are managing our values ​​at the “best” level with our client-focused strategy and our competitive growth potential, which is based on creating value by meeting our clients’ expectations with a consistent quality understanding.
To ensure employment of human resources with the best qualities with human resources whose mutual trust and respect are dominant.

our vision

Since its foundation, Şehzade Fayton has adopted a quality management approach based on “human dignity” and has put its name in a different position among reputable companies in the sector with projects undertaken by undertaking and projects that it has produced, as a life style and protecting integrity and trust as the most important values.
creating differences in the tasks undertaken by the permanent works aim of creating quality and application in terms of time while maintaining our standing as an undertaking which operates with outstanding success in our country for contemporary and modern Turkey we are increasing continuously our contribution to the economy,

Our Corporate Values

By developing specific solutions specific to the projects, reaching innovative and creative results,
To encourage teamwork to allow for the development of different ideas,
Growing by continuously increasing the quality of service, making the biggest investment for human happiness,
To always possess the principles of trust, honesty and social responsibility,
To demonstrate the success of achieving quality at the most reasonable cost with our expert team,
With the importance we place on customer loyalty,
As a result of our respect for the community and the environment, we take care to protect the environment in all our works.