Bir Güneş Ailesi Kuruluşudur. 1928'den beri.


10 Apr

Last Representative of carriages Production Bülent GÜNEŞ

In nostalgia serial production, mass production of phaetons whose first production dates back to the Bronze Age between 2000 and 800 BC and whose name is said to have been taken from Phaeton, the son of Helios, the Sun God, will be produced. The Solar Phaeton Factory, founded by Manisa in 1928 in the year of 1928, was founded by two members of the Sun family, the family of which is the son of the son who drives the torch for 3 generations. Bülent Güneş, the last representative of the phaeton maker’s establishment, stated that they started the production of phaetons which they started about 80 years ago, still continuing with the same enthusiasm and exporting to abroad. The han that will be produced will be composed of Upholstery Osman Yıldırım, Demirci İlyas Kalaycı, Carving Sacit Yağcı, Boyacı Ayhan Kara, Saraç Melih Fastkurt, Dövmeci Kenan Yıldırım, Carpenter Adem Çimen and Tenekeci Hamdi workshops. In the factory, 17 people will be producing hand made earmuffs.