Bir Güneş Ailesi Kuruluşudur. 1928'den beri.


10 Apr

He rescued the phaetonist from the mystery, exporting to 13 countries

He rescued the phaetonist from the mystery, exporting to 13 countries
holding face of the occupation will end in Turkey faytonculuk, revived Akhisar district of Manisa. The phaetons produced by young entrepreneur Bülent Güneş’s workshop are exported to many countries of the world.

Güneş, who pursues his father’s profession at the modest workshop in Akhisar Small Industry Site, is happy to turn his profession into a profitable business.

In 1928, Bülent Güneş, representative of the last generation of the Sun family, who started the production of three generations horse carts and phaetons starting from his father in 1928, is presently producing 10-11 phaetons in the ‘Sun Fayton’ workshop, which they have established with their partners Murat Kabasakal and Tayfun Altınküp. Bülent Güneş said, “I did not have much interest in reading, so my dad told me, ‘Come on, keep it up, it’s the best job. I began to have a family business on it. ” tells the story of the phaeton carnival. Since his childhood, the sun continues to his father’s workshop, soon learns the delicacies of work and goes to the military. When the return of military service comes to Akhisar, this profession has become history. When the sun saw that the masters had begun to make miniature phaetons, they began to make small ornamental phaetons. Although the horse carriage has been revived, the carriage has not been dated yet, so it can be understood with orders coming in shortly. Niğde Municipality wants to make a phaeton in real dimensions. Faruk Yalçın, the father of Fenerbahçe Club President Aziz Yildirim, would order a phaeton for his grandson. Yalcin’s real size of a phaeton to take a short time to spread the reputation of this last master will be instrumental. Demands increase rapidly. It takes orders from municipalities in tourist areas. Eskişehir Municipality is now one of the most important customers. The big hotels that want to organize nostalgic tours to their customers also want a phaeton. Of course these developments are followed by exports. Bülent Güneş, who puts photographs of the phaetons he made on his website, starts to get interest from abroad. The first exports to Greece. The neighbor is still the most important customer of the Sun. Bülent Güneş, who has exported phaetons to 13 countries such as Greece, Holland, England, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Switzerland until today, also has different projects. The phaeton buffet, which has its own design, is in great demand. At present, the phaeton complains that they do not produce the buffet production. The fact that Istanbul is the 2010 European Capital of Culture is also closely related to the Sun. The project he thought for Istanbul is a tram buffet. The historical tram in Istiklal Caddesi is being prepared to produce with the tree-weighted buffet model. The sales price of solar phaetons starts from 12 thousand liras to 20 thousand liras.

Bulent Sun, Akhisar with his father when he returned from the military, or even one of the two coachman engaged in this business in Turkey, but in a short time breeding success of the masters of their profession. He is currently working with 14 masters who are well-versed in this work. The materials used in the production of phaetons also have to be very specific. Timber obtained from hard and water-resistant woods such as beech and ash are kept in storage for 3 years for completely drying.