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12 Apr

First Time in Midyat Payton – Mardin

The municipality of Midyat in Mardin was brought by the Kaymakam with a phaeton to encourage tourism and investment.

MARDIN (İHA) – Midyat district of Mardin was promoted by the Kaymakamlık to promote tourism and investment.

The phaeton brought by Midyat District Social Assistance and Solidarity Foundation (SYDV) will bring nostalgia to the historical streets of the city. Midyat District Governor Fatih Akkaya, who made a city tour with the journalists, said, “Midyat, which is the center of religions’ tongues, is a district visited by locals and foreigners with its new face changing and developing. The future profit from the fayt is transferred to the Village Service Delivery Association (KHGB); the villagers, road, water and repair works, “he said.

Kaymakam Akkaya, deputy governor of Istanbul Feyzullah Ozcan, said, “We have been leading the tourism sector by taking a phaeton just as it is now with 15 stone cutting workshops with a stone cutting workshop earned to Midyat.

Akkaya said, “We have such a means of transportation that will contribute to the tourism of our citizens and to our municipalities and hotel operators by bringing this to us. Midyatlı citizens who have made their horse brokerage from the municipality later than our expectation are also to welcome themselves from our hotel operators after us. But 10-15 phaetons in the field of sight, serving in the historical city, 10-15 phalanx Estel

service in the area and even in urban transportation “.

11,800 lira taken to the phaeton tours to the historical places of the county will be arranged. Insured and salaried to be operated Muhittin Yenigün named citizen will drive the caravan.