Bir Güneş Ailesi Kuruluşudur. 1928'den beri.


12 Apr

Tram Cafe entered the service

Serving Tram Cafe
Two young entrepreneurs went to the Tramway Café when they said “the tram came next”. Those who see the Tramway Cafe are approaching this operation with sympathy.

Duzce came to the cafeteria before the tram arrived. The name is “Tramvay Cafe ..” Two young ladies. Emre Erzurum and Ahmet Ayışık .. Young entrepreneurs, “Right now there are pilaf, meatball grill, chicken grilled sausage and bread. We plan to lay Adana and Urfa lavash in the coming week. We also believe that it will be good “.
These two young entrepreneurs answered the questions of Mert Buğra Maradit from the newspaper.
Let’s take a look at the details of this delightful chat.
This newspaper is here: Can we recognize you?
Emre Erzurum: I was born in Düzce. I’ve been reading in Düzce for a while. Then I went to Cyprus to study university. I graduated from the Department of Mechanical Engineering. My dad is dealing with trade. I also had my curiosity on the trade. And I did some business on my own behalf. Then I wanted to go to my profession. I keep doing my job right now. I am doing projects on construction. Then I bought a toast dealership. We were bringing it from Istanbul and selling it here. Then I met a friend and I started doing it with him.
Since the school season is over, we thought we should do something in the summer. We went to Istanbul thinking about this. We were curious about the rice. We visited a brand. We got information from his owner. We wanted to buy this rice and got it. But we did not like it when we went back to Duzce and heated the rice. When we realized that, we canceled the purchase of rice. But there was a red wagon in one of the photographs the brand owner showed us. We have such an idea in our minds. The tram in Taksim came to my mind and we started to lie down with this idea. We finally realized this dream.
There are some promises I believe. For example; I do not believe that what we imagine is given to us so that we can not do them. If we can imagine something, we can make it happen. As long as I move right into your dreams. We started this with rice. It was about 3 months and we got up to 17 kilos. Right now we sell 17 kilos of rice. This amount is increasing. It is increasingly heard by the public.
When we present this project, 17 projects were given before us. Of these 17 projects, our project was most liked. When we gave this project, it was not a matter of being a tram in Düzce. Perhaps the tram project was also considered at that time. When we gave a project like this, they went to their likes.