Bir Güneş Ailesi Kuruluşudur. 1928'den beri.

10 Apr

Last phaetonical

First of all it comes to the mind of Izmir’s Kordonboyu. Phaetons, which are integral parts of everyday life for centuries, now have a nostalgic meaning. Naturally, with the phaetons, the producers are also involved.
It does not seem to be doing these special jobs nowadays, but the Sun Family, which continues its life in Akhisar, is out of this. The Sun family carries out this business by making a horseback car for 3 generations and a decorative car. The family that sold a part of what they did abroad, finally made a phaeton to England.
Bülent Güneş, who works with Şefik Güneş, the father of the factory in the Industrial Zone, says, “We are doing a job for three generations.”

fayyton are sending to the municipalities
After having spent many years in a horse carriage, Güneş said that they manufactured miniature phaetons for the first time in 1991 and stated that they started to order after displaying the faience in a fuard. Güneş said, “We first produced for a rest facility in Aksaray and came back,” he said, especially from the municipalities.
Gunes, who has been manufacturing for various municipalities, including Isparta, Gaziantep and Kars, has been ordering from abroad for the last few years. The Sun family, which exported trucks and horse carts to countries such as Greece, the Netherlands and Israel, finally ordered an “Londauer” model, also known as the Royal Fayton, from a company in London. The sun, saying that the phaetons do everything except their brass fittings, furnishings and harnesses, said: “We work with 3 people and we can produce 1 phaeton per month, 1 horse car per week, phaeton prices vary between 9 and 14 billion, horse carts start at 1.5 billion. 5 billion, and miniature horse carts are 350 million. ”
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