Bir Güneş Ailesi Kuruluşudur. 1928'den beri.


10 Apr

Akhisar Carriages opens to the world

Turkey’s only carriage factory, Istanbul Büyükada, after the US, Russia, taking orders from Poland, the name is being talked about in the international market.

The phaeton factory in Manisa’s Akhisar District began producing phaetons for use in Central Park, New York City, USA. Bülent Güneş, a partner of the company, who made a phaeton to Russia and also ordered from Poland, said that they started to announce Akhisar’s name on all four sides of the world. Opened in June last, the reputation of Turkey’s only horse-drawn carriages Carriage Factory Sun reported that the factory was spread in a short time. The first batch of orders from Russia was completed. Four British Landau model phaetons were made and exported. Buying orders from the US also created excitement. Bülent Güneş from three partners of the “Sun Phaeton” plant stated that since 1928, his family has been involved in the manufacture of carpets and phaetons, he said:

ORIGINALLY ORDERED: “Before our factory opened, we made a phaeton as a gift to the President of Chile by our former Chief of General Staff Hilmi Özkök in our shop where we made cars and phaetons at small industrial sites.” In the USA, some EU countries, After the opening ceremony we made six months ago, we announced the name of “Güneş Fayton” in the fairs we attended and in the internet world We took orders from İstanbul Büyükada and İzmir which came to mind first in terms of the phaeton in the country We took orders of the phaetons by hand we made special orders from abroad as well. “

700 to Central Park

Bülent Güneş, who has been informed by Russia that they have completed the first and second parties of the British Landau model phaeton and that they will send four ready-made phaetons in the coming days, said: “Landau, Victoria, We will send the sample model that we finished the finishing touches to be used in Central Park in Newyork.The trucks in Central Park are operated by an Italian company.The company wants 700 models in this model.Our company in Poland and 60 people without bosk, we will sign contracts for the export of phaetons in the coming days. “